ROBA APPOSTA è un kit di prodotti chimici in grado di invertire in positivo qualsiasi carta fotografica fotosensibile e pellicola bianco e nero disponibile sul mercato.

Il kit a due bagni è in grado di soddisfare svariate possibilità:

inversione di tutte le carte fotografiche bianco e nero

ideale per fotografia diretta su carta fotografica con banchi ottici o fotocamere a foro stenopeico, usando infatti la normale carta fotografica da stampa, è possibile ottenere positivi con una gamma tonale straordinaria, pezzi unici e irripetibili

inversione in positivo di tutte le pellicole bianco e nero

di ogni sensibilità e formato, per proiezioni o retroilluminazione o semplicemente per avere delle diapositive di altissima qualità da scansionare

sviluppo e inversione di tutte le pellicole bianco e nero CINE

con un kit di ROBA APPOSTA è possibile sviluppare e invertire fino a ben 6/8 pellicole SUPER 8, testato con ottimi risultati, può essere usato per tutte le pellicole CINE 16mm, 8mm e super 8

stampa da diapositiva bianco e nero o colore

attraverso il metodo tradizionale con ingranditore

ROBA APPOSTA is a kit of chemical products that can positive reverse any photographic black and white paper and film available on the market.

The two-bath kit is able to satisfy various creative possibilities:

reversal of all black and white photo papers

ideal for direct photography with large format cameras or pinhole cameras, as a matter of fact it is possible to use normal photographic paper to obtain positive with an extraordinary tonal range, unique and unrepeatable photos

positive reversal of all black and white films

of any sensitivity and format, for projections or backlighting or simply to have slides of the highest quality to be scanned

development and reversal of all CINE black and white films

with ROBA APPOSTA kit it is possible to develop and invert up to 6/8 SUPER 8 films, tested with excellent results, it can be used for all CINE films, 16mm, 8mm, super 8

black and white print from black and white or color slides

through the traditional method with enlarger



scarica le istruzioni per l' uso - italiano



ROBA APPOSTA kit is compatible with 16 mm, 8 mm and Super 8 motion picture film formats


Black and white film and photographic papers reversal WITH ROBA APPOSTA KIT



scarica le istruzioni per l' uso - italiano


16 Commenti

  1. Jacopo

    Ho avuto modo di provare il kit per sviluppare alcune pellicole super 8 Kodak tri-x, ho ottenuto eccellenti risultati, anche grazie al tempestivo supporto del signor Davide Rossi, che ringrazio. Il foglio illustrativo, presente nella confezione é estremamente chiaro e illustra nel dettaglio tutti i passaggi necessari. Se seguite alla lettera le istruzioni consentono di ottenere una sviluppo abbastanza contrastato. Consiglio vivamente il kit, consente di ottenere ottimi risultati senza difficoltà.

    • Davide Rossi

      Grazie per la tua testimonianza Jacopo, siamo veramente contenti dei risultati ottenuti

      Davide Rossi

  2. CChen

    Can you ship your product overseas? How many films 135, 120 or 4×5 sheet film can your 2 bath kit process? What precautions if any do I need to follow with the chemical handling?

    • Davide Rossi

      hello, thanks for your comment, yes, overseas shipping may be possible according to international customs regulations,
      with the reversal kit you can process at least 20 35mm or 120 films and depending on the tank, up to 80 4×5 films,
      as a precaution you can use exactly what you usually use when you use other chemistries for photography, to learn more you can download the safety data sheets and the instructions for use

  3. Ioannis Kouzapas

    I recently purchased two kits to develop some positives. I have a question on the 1st dilution. It says, 1+1 and to my understanding I would mix both bottles with the number 1 on them or mix one bottle with an equal amount of water.
    Which of my assumptions is the correct one?
    Thank you in advance

    • Davide Rossi

      Hi Ioannis,

      thanks for your message, the 1 + 1 dilution of the first component indicates 1 part of product + 1 part of water.

      There are two bottles to allow you to make up to 1 liter of working solution.

      I remain available for any other info, you let me know of your results.

      Thank you

  4. marcello

    quale che tipo di carta consigliate
    come regolarsi per la sensibilità della carta è dichiarata?
    o come comportarsi per l’esposizione

    • Davide Rossi

      con la carta a gradazione è possibile gestire bene i propri gusti in merito ai contrasti, favorire un contrasto basso come il 2 può essere una buona scelta per materiali a sensibilità molto bassa.
      Comunque con la FOMA multigrade in genere si ottengono ottimi risultati. La sensibilità è quasi per tutte le carte intorno a 1 iso, per la misurazione esposizione consiglio un esposimetro esterno preciso.

      • Luigi Ulisse Iovane

        Ciao Davide hai la possibilità di mostrare i risultati ottenuti con le varie tipologie di carta ? Magari ad esempio potresti aggiungere le info tecniche alle immagini presenti in questa pagina indicando tipologia di carta, tipologia di luce etc. Grazie

        • Davide Rossi

          Ciao Luigi,

          mi sembra un’ ottima idea, aggiungo alcune info molto volentieri

  5. Laci


    It seems an awesome piece of kit! I’ve a few questions though.
    How will I know if the developer is near exhaustion? The instruction says it’s enough up to 15 rolls so it can be 9 or 12 or 15 or anything in between. Will I get the exact same results for the fifth or tenth time like what I got for the first round? I’ve to use the same solution twice for each roll so that means if the number of rolls are 15 then I pour in the same developer 30 times if I’m right.
    Do I’ve to adjust the time after every roll or is it the same every time?
    What is the shelf-life of the developer after the dilution?

    Kind regards,


    • Davide Rossi

      hello and thanks for your comment,
      I will try to answer all your questions clearly

      The development has a long duration and does not run out before bleaching, so it will still work and can be used as a paper development for darkroom printing for example
      It is a very energetic development of our formulation and it is not necessary to change the time in the development of the films.
      Certainly if it were to contaminate itself with other chemists, its function would soon disappear.
      So you will have the same result from the first camera roll to the fifteenth
      The first development is based on the concept of the infinite range, if you increase the time by five minutes, it would change very little.

      The development in a working solution lasts for more than six months, while the bleaching chemicals have practically no expiration.
      The bleach 2A and 2B once mixed, work until exhaustion.

      I hope to have answered your questions, I am at your disposal for any info

      Best Regards

      Davide Rossi

  6. Rainer Hübert

    Ciao Davide,

    can you provide some information how many sheets of 5×7 or 11×14 paper can be developed with one of your kits? Do you have a recommendation which paper works best with your chemicals?

    Thank you for your answers,


    • Davide Rossi

      hello and thanks for your message,
      with a kit it is possible to process up to 50 5×7 prints, indicatively up to 20/25 11×14 prints

      As a type of photographic paper I personally like Ilford Ilfospeed grade 2, but this is very personal.
      What I can tell you is that each type of paper has a different result depending on the manufacturer and type.
      Difficult to manage baryta paper, due to the long washing times between the various steps.

      I hope you have the opportunity to try the kit, it is truly a new experience with the possibility of carrying out a large part of the procedure in the light.

      Thank you

  7. Bogdan

    Hi there!
    I got a Roba Aposta reversal kit and I see in the instructions that bleach is one shot (1+1+14). Do you think that the same bleach can be used for 2 films developed one after each other?

    • Davide Rossi

      hello and thank you for your message, we do not recommend the re-use of bleaching because it could vary the expected results.
      The bleaching is very concentrated and allows you to treat many films with a kit, the risk is not worth it.

      If, on the other hand, you treat the films together at the same time in the same tank, the dilution 1 + 1 + 14 will be fine.




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