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black and white "eco-friendly" FIXER

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Il NUOVO fissaggio universale per fotografia tradizionale bianco e nero, a base di TIOSOLFATO DI SODIO, viene fornito in sali, non ha scadenza e mantiene così le sue caratteristiche inalterate nel tempo fino al momento dell’ uso.

Ha un’ azione NON aggressiva sulle pellicole e sulla carta perché NON penetra a fondo nella gelatina molle e quindi non lascia tracce difficili da lavare e che possono causare macchie nel tempo.

Se usato con tempo prolungato o con concentrazione maggiore, non compromette l’ acutanza della pellicola.

I tempi sono più lunghi, ma si dimezzano quelli di lavaggio.


I sali vanno sciolti in 1 litro d’ acqua a temperatura ambiente (800ml + rabbocco finale fino a 1000ml a scioglimento sali avvenuto), mescolare energicamente.

Il litro di fissaggio ottenuto è concentrato e va diluito nel seguente modo:

1+1 fissaggio pellicole

1+2 fissaggio carte fotografiche

Si possono fissare fino a 20 pellicole 35mm/120.

Tempi di fissaggio

Pellicole: 9 minuti, Carte: 6/7 minuti

The NEW black and white universal fixer, based on SODIUM THIOSULFATE, is supplied in powder, has no expiry date and maintains its characteristics unaltered over time until the moment of use.
It has a NON-aggressive action on films and paper because it DOES NOT penetrate deeply into the soft gelatin and therefore does not leave traces that are difficult to wash and which can cause stains over time.
If used for a prolonged time or with a higher concentration, it does not compromise the acuteness of the film.
Times are longer, but washing times are halved.


The salts can be dissolved in 1 liter of water at a temperature between 20/30 °C (800ml + final top up up to 1000ml once the salts have dissolved), mix vigorously.
The liter of fixer obtained is concentrated and can be diluted as follows:
1 + 1 film fixing
1 + 2 fixing photo papers
Up to 20 35mm / 120 films can be processed.

Fixing times

Films: 9 minutes, Cards: 6/7 minutes

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is able to satisfy various creative possibilities:

  • reverse all black and white photo papers
  • reverse all black and white films
  • reverse all CINE black and white films
  • reverse X-Ray films
  • black and white print from slides

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Its main feature is the ability to give an extraordinary tonal range with any type of film, besides you have these possibilities:

  • ready to use
  • adjustable contrast
  • push process
  • reduced grain

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It’ s a long life concentrated developer for Resin Coated and Fiber Based multigrade and gradation black and white photographic papers.

It is buffered to keep the same activity during long printing sessions and renders neutral tone prints. Depending on the dilution, the same negative can be printed with a “normal” or “high” contrast:

1 + 3 normal contrast
1 + 1 high contrast

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It’ s everything you need for the C41 negative standard color process, it has been tested by the Branco Ottico crew for PUSH and CROSS PROCESSING. You will find indications for achieving best possible results.

Sprirzol color pissibilities:

  • C41 standard process
  • push processing up to 2 STOPS
  • cross processing slide film

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